Legends Tell

Gates of Veilguard

What kind of hero will you become?

A New Adventure Begins

Welcome to Gates of Veilguard, a Live Action Roleplay (LARP) game where players are immersed in a fantastical world and play as their own unique characters, fighting together to save the world from a terrible otherworldly threat.

You play as Veilwalkers, the select few chosen by Fate who are able to venture into the fabled realm of Veilguard, where your actions, decisions, and heroism will determine the fate of your nations. This is your chance to rise to greatness, and protect the world from forces that would see it torn asunder.

What will you do, when you pass through the Gates of Veilguard?

The Old Gods Awaken

The Continent has been at peace for decades, what everyone had hoped was the dawn of a new golden age.


But now the omens have started to appear: the stars sing of trials and tumult, the Krakens are rising from the deeps, and the Dragons have left their cavernous lairs in search of gold. A new Churning has begun, and the world is in danger once more. The Old Gods are stirring within their prisons, and their cultists and demonic servants will spread across the land like a plague, bringing chaos and destruction in their wake.


The Gates Open

With the start of a new Churning, the Gates to the legendary demiplane of Veilguard open once more; only those chosen by Fate as Veilwalkers can enter, and use that place’s gifts to fight back against the Old Gods and their minions.


At the crossroads of war and destiny, the Veilwalkers will meet, and learn, and struggle. They will make war and song, and rise or fall to the challenges they face there.


This tale has yet to be written, however. What kind of story will you tell beyond the Gates?