Legends Tell

COVID-19 Policy​

COVID-19 Guidelines and Protocols​


The COVID-19 pandemic is still with us, unfortunately, and to protect our staff and our players we will be implementing the following policy:


  • All players, crew, and staff will be required to submit a picture of a negative COVID test in the two days prior to the beginning of the event.


This is not negotiable; if you have a problem with this requirement you are welcome to LARP somewhere else.


What if I’m sick before the game?


Please don’t play if you’re sick! It’s bad for your recovery and could spread the virus to other people.


If you test positive for COVID in the weeks prior to the game, you may submit a picture of the positive test to get a full refund to the best of our ability.




If you wish to wear a cloth or N-95 mask, you are allowed to do so, regardless of its decorum appearance. We would request that you wear something to cover a clearly-modern-looking mask, but if you do not possess such a garment it is not necessary. Your safety comes ahead of any need for decorum appearances.