Legends Tell

Frequently Asked Questions

The 2025 Confluence (our premier event) will take place at Disciples Crossing campground in Athens, TX.

Veilguard is a four-day event, going from Thursday afternoon to around noon on Sunday.


Check-in will start at 10am on Thursday. The mandatory safety briefing and combat training will be at 4pm on Thursday. Time-in for the game starting will be at 7pm on Thursday. There will be two big battles at around noon on Friday and Saturday. Other quests and skirmishes will be occurring throughout the event.


All of these are likely to change a bit depending on how things actually unfold, but that’s the schedule that we’re aiming for.

We will not be closing ticket sales. There are only a limited number of tickets on sale for this event, however, so if we’re sold out you’ll have to wait until next year.

Yep! If we run out of tickets, just send us an email asking to be put on our waiting list; if we get any cancelations, we’ll let people on the list know and give them first dibs on purchasing the newly-available tickets.

Details on exactly when players will be allowed on-site are still TBD, unfortunately. We’d love to have you on-site on Wednesday to help us get set up, but we still need to figure out what our setup schedule will be and if there’s room for players to be underfoot on Wednesday.

At present, we are planning on serving least one dinner for attendees; more may be possible, but we don’t want to promise anything before we know we can deliver. Details and exact menus will be provided as we approach the event and nail down our logistics.

Yes! You’ll want to bring breakfast, snacks, and your own drinks (coffee, sports drinks, etc.) to make sure you keep your energy up and stay hydrated in between meals. If we’re unable to provide lunches and dinners (stay posted for updates on that), you’ll also want to bring enough food to feed yourself for three days.


Moreover, we encourage players to bring food or drink to trade with other players for in-game currency. If you’ve ever wanted to run a tavern in a fantasy world, this is a great opportunity!

No. Disciples Crossing does not allow alcohol on their site, so this is an entirely dry event. We know, we’re disappointed, too. We fully intend to have events in the future that allow alcohol, though they’ll be at a different location and may not be a full weekend long.

The campsite has cabins with twin-size bunkbeds and very thin mattresses; we strongly recommend that you bring your own linens, blankets, and a mattress pad for your own comfort. A sleeping bag probably would be a good idea, too, just in case it gets really cold at night.


You can also choose to camp out, if a cabin doesn’t sound appealing. If you have an in-decorum tent, you can camp in the middle of town, while if you have a modern-looking tent you’ll be camping in a field outside of the game area. Please let us know that you intend to camp in a tent and what kind of tent you intend to bring as soon as possible so we can build that into our lodging plans.

Yes! Disciples Crossing has running water, showers, and flushing toilets. Showers and most toilets are located in two bath houses in the Creative Camp; some individual cabins have their own bathrooms, but this is not guaranteed and we cannot promise to place you in one of them.

We’re still playing! It’ll be wet and muddy, but the game will still happen unless there’s sufficiently severe weather that it’s impossible to get to or stay on the site. Please pack a bunch of socks and some good water-resistant boots if the forecast is looking rainy.

Yes… sort of.

Please do not take any photos during play. We will have an area designated as an OOC area and photo booth for you to take pictures during the game without impacting other players’ immersion. You are also welcome (and encouraged!) to take photos before time-in on Thursday and time-out on Sunday. But please do not take photos in the main game space while the game is still going on.

At present we require all attendees to be 18 years or older to participate. Children are not allowed, even under adult supervision.

In the future, we intend to allow children to attend events so long as they are under the supervision of a parent or guardian at all times. However, for our first event, we want to avoid any of the legal, liability, and logistical complications that having children present in a game where pretend violence can occur might bring.

Service dogs are allowed; if you do not need your animal for a medical reason, however, we ask that you leave it at home. You must pick up after your animal, and never let it off a leash or other restraint while on the event site.

Nope! Sorry, you can only attend if you’ve paid for a ticket and are wearing in-decorum garb.

That depends on you and your character! If you want to go on adventures, fighting monsters and cultists, you can do that. If you want to trade resources and become a fabulously wealthy merchant, there is an in-game economy. If you want to solve puzzles and delve into the lore, you can do that. If you want to perform rituals and pretend to be a wizard for a weekend, that’s also very possible. There’ll even be assassination and pickpocketing games, if you’re interested in some skullduggery.

Sort of. Imagine a Rennaissance Festival mixed with a game of Dungeons & Dragons, that lasts for three and a half days straight, and you and everybody else are in costume and playing your character for the whole event, going on adventures and trading and partying with each others’ characters. That’s what LARPing is.

Yep! Between time-in on Thursday and time-out on Sunday you will be expected to wear in-decorum garb to add to the immersive atmosphere. Modern shoes and glasses are acceptable, but please leave any brightly-colored pairs at home if possible.

Oof, that’s a big question. We’ll be working on a suggested packing list as we get closer to the event. For now, treat it like a 4-day camping trip, but with medieval-ish garb and armor and without needing a tent, and you should be good. Food, drinks, toiletries, lots of warm socks, blankets, pillows, changes of clothes if it gets wet, etc.

This one’s hard to answer, because a lot of it depends on what you want to do during the game and what kind of character you want to play. However, we can tell you that if you’re interested in fighting (and not in casting spells) then armor is definitely going to be useful. You can find more details on what armor does and what you need to qualify for each level of armor on the Armor page of the wiki.

Our game uses the latex-coated foam LARP weapons that you can find from Epic Armoury, Calimacil, and other manufacturers. We do not use boffer or fabric-coated light-weight foam weapons like those of B3 Imagination Studios. See our weapon guidelines page for more details.

We’d love to have you! Send us an email or get in touch via Discord and we’ll get you sorted.

Get in touch! We’re definitely looking for NPC Crew, or for donations if you have some gear that might be useful for the game.


Please be aware that being on Crew means that you’ll be running around playing NPCs or helping out with logistics all weekend, so you probably won’t have time to play a character of your own.