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Player’s Guide

The Basics

The Core of the Game

The game is primarily focused on players working together to overcome challenges. There will be opportunities for player-versus-player interactions, such as tournaments, games of skill, trade, diplomacy, and assassination missions, but the central narrative of the game is about the Veilwalkers’ struggle against the Old Gods’ cultists, not against each other.

As Veilwalkers, at the start of the game you travel through a Gate into the demiplane of Veilguard, where the majority of the game takes place. Once there, you interact with Veilwalkers from other nations, pursue quests for yourself and your nation within Veilguard, and venture out through the Godscore Gate on adventures across the Continent. Every event will feature two battles against cultist forces and their monstrous allies, as well as multiple skirmishes against a variety of foes in pursuit of your personal goals and your nation’s interests.

Initial Choices

There are ten Nations on the Continent, with no known lands beyond the Continent’s borders. You play as a Veilwalker from one of those ten nations, fighting alongside other Veilwalkers from across the Continent against the Old Gods’ invasion.

There are seven Lineages to choose from for your character’s ancestry, and each nation has its own spin on a variety of different fantasy character archetypes.

You also gain one of ten Enterprises to give your character an income and resources to play with, such as a Mine, an Herb Garden, or a Business, among others.

The Mechanics


Combat is a lightest-touch, full-body-hitpoint system, with armor giving extra hit points and weapons only ever dealing one point of damage. Characters can spend resources (Valor and/or Mana) when they make a melee attack to use Calls that have supernatural effects on their target. Ranged attacks take the form of archery and Force Bolts; archers use light weight bows and foam-tipped arrows to instantly take out all but the most heavily armored targets, and Force Bolts are packet-delivered spells that can slay mages and lightly-armored warriors if they hit.


Magic takes the form of spells and rituals. Spells are combat abilities that use a character’s Mana to have powerful effects with a short incantation. Rituals use a lengthy ritual performance and consume a pile of Aether Crystals in order to create a long-lasting effect on a character, Enterprise, army, or even an entire nation. There are several different types of mages, and a wide variety of magical traditions to choose from in shaping how you roleplay your character’s magical abilities.


Crafting takes the form of Enchanting and Alchemy. Enchanting lets you turn resources from Mines and Forests into magic items that last for multiple events, while Alchemy lets you combine herbs from an Herb Garden into consumable items that either heal, poison, or give buffs that last until the next sunrise.

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