Veilguard 2025 Confluence Tickets

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Tickets to the 2025 Veilguard Winter Confluence, held February 20-23, 2025, at Disciples Crossing in Athens, TX.

Tickets will be on sale from noon CST on June 15, 2024 through midnight CST February 9, 2025

There is an early-bird sale for $25 off until the end of October, 2024.

The first batch of tickets will be limited to 50 tickets; a second batch of 25 tickets will be made available at a future date. Sign up to our Patreon or join our Facebook group or Discord server to be notified when more tickets go on sale!

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Before you purchase, please be aware of the following:

  • There is a COVID policy for this event which requires a negative COVID test for all attendees.
  • This game features a fictional polytheistic religion and optional roleplay of religious worship of these fictional deities. If witnessing this kind of activity would make you uncomfortable, please do not attend.
  • This event will feature combat using LARP weapons; while this is generally safe, injuries may still occur. Combat is opt-in, but if you do choose to take part in combat you are accepting the accompanying risk of injury.
  • This event will be alcohol- and drug-free, per the rules of the site on which it will be held. Possession or use of any alcohol or drugs at the event will be grounds for immediate expulsion.
  • We are not allowing children under the age of 18 at this event.