Legends Tell

The Nations

The Ten Nations

Great Powers

Each of the ten nations of the Continent is a great power in their own right. Though they each have their own armies and means of fighting back against the Churning, they are in need of Veilwalkers to do what normal warriors and mages are unable to.

National Cultures & Aesthetics

Each nation has its own history, culture, and traditions, which shape how its members act and the philosophies they have on life. Every nation also has its own unique aesthetic, and one or more signature garments that you need to wear in order to mark your character as belonging to that nation.

Choose Your Home

Read through the national briefs below, and pick out a few that sound interesting. Whether you like something about their culture or philosophies, want to wear garb matching their aesthetic, or some combination of the two, try to find something that appeals to you, the player, and which you think would be enjoyable to play.

Aurendale Federation

“Tend the land, and guard your flock.”


The golden hills and valleys of Aurendale are covered in bountiful fields and orchards, haunted by the restless dead, and infested by the monstrous Warrenspawn. The Aurenfolk who live there have adapted to the dangers of their home, slaying monsters, raising crops, and fighting off invaders with well-honed skill and iron determination. They are monster hunters, farmers, soldiers, druids, and guardians, with an independent spirit and boundless hospitality for those who are willing to pitch in and help the community to thrive.


Their aesthetic is a blend of “fantasy adventurer” and historical Medieval and Renaissance European clothing and armor, with an emphasis on agricultural motifs and monster-hunting garb.

Cerulean League

“Gnothi seauton hos ta kymata

Know yourself as you know the tides.”


The Cerulean League is a coalition of island city-states bound together by collective self-interest and a common ideology of self-discipline, logic, and moderation. They are soldiers, scientists, druids, mages, and warrior-monks, dedicated to tending to the natural world around them and to constantly improving themselves and their nation, all the while maintaining the emotional stability needed to resist the lingering scars of the Old Gods’ influence on the Isles.


Their aesthetic is a fantastical version of Classical Greek attire, with tunics, ionic chitons, and flowing robes of white, blue, and green, accented by natural and marine motifs.

Faen'miir Queendom

“By Her grace, we rejoice with every turn of the seasons.”


The land of Faen’miir is a lush realm of meadows, forests, and rolling hills, steeped in the magics of the seasons and the Sidhe, with only a few lingering shadows of past evils remaining. The folk who live there, mostly Fae in all of their colorful variety, work together under the guiding hand of their beloved Queen Titania to ensure the continued peace and prosperity of the Queendom. Warriors, mages, artists, scholars, and crafters, they are creative and driven to excel, seeking novelty and joy in all they do.


The nation’s aesthetic is a combination of faerie and elven, moving along a spectrum from “woodsy pixie” to “high elf,” with bright colors and pastels of all shades.

The Grimmwold

“The forest eats the unwary.”


The Grimmwold is a vast, dark, and hungry forest, home to terrible monsters, dreadful spirits, and a solemn and hardy people who long ago learned how to survive within its shadowy depths. The Grimmfolk are keepers of the woods — rangers, witches, druids, and alchemists who use their knowledge, skill, and stoic determination to quietly stand guard against the last great terrors left behind by the Old Gods, ensuring that the Wold continues to slumber and preventing it from awakening in all of its terrifying power and hunger.


Their aesthetic is a blend of “goth” and “druid,” dressing in dark greens, browns, blues, and blacks, with bursts of brighter colors reserved for easily-hidden parts of their garb where they won’t attract the attention of the terrors that stalk the Wold.

Iskaldur Jarldom

“Let the cold winter ring with songs of our glory.”


Skaldings are forged by the land they live in, and the frigid and mountainous Iskaldur Peninsula is a harsh and unforgiving realm that only the driven and strong can survive in for long. Warriors, merchants, mages, crafters, and tale-spinners, they respect any who prove themselves capable of enduring the land’s frigid wrath and of contributing to their Holds, whether through might of arms and magic, wisdom and cleverness, hard work and determination, or the stories they weave to entertain and enthrall.


Their aesthetic is a blend of fantastical northern barbarian and historical Norse, with a color palette combining dark shades of grey, brown, and black with vivid reds and blues.

Jadefang Alliance

“Die once, live forever.”


The Jadefang Archipelago is a mass of ruggedly mountainous tropical islands, its jungles and seas filled with dangerous beasts and host to a bevy of dungeons left behind by the destruction of the dread empire of Amethras. It is populated by a fractious Alliance of Corsairs who claim to have forsworn their ancestors’ piratical ways, rowdy Crews of hunters, swashbucklers, adventurers, druids, and shantymages. They sail the seas and stalk the jungles in search of their next great hunt, always audacious in pursuit of their quarry, whether it be a great sea-beast or a fleeting chance to claim fame and fortune.


Their aesthetic is “fantasy pirate” (minus the guns), with a rich and vibrant color palette of reds, greens, oranges, purples, and blacks.

Kingdom of Rivermark

“We do not yield; we do not forget.”


The Kingdom of Rivermark is a vast and fertile river valley in the northern reaches of the Continent that is surrounded by hills, bogs, and moors, inhabited by an honorable and music-loving folk who never forget a slight and will defend their home to their last breath. The people of Rivermark are a varied collection of knights, warriors, sages, bards, and merchants, but no matter their trade they all hold fast to the idea of Rivermark as bastion of righteousness and prosperity against the darkness surrounding it.


Their aesthetic is a blend of Celtic highlander, high-medieval garb, and Arthurian knights, with lots of vivid reds, oranges, blacks, yellows, and whites in a variety of patterns (including plaid), punctuated by the occasional pop of blue spirals and Celtic knotwork.

Sunderwyl Republic

“We make the future together.”


The Sunderwyl Republic is an arid island nation, its culture a harmonious blend of the focused and industrious Dwarves and the whimsical and creative Fae. Inventors, tinkerers, artificers, dungeon delvers, and adventurers, the Sundalfolk are a friendly and ambitious people who are always striving towards the future. The nation contains three labyrinths, magical realms which are highly dangerous but provide a vast trove of resources and new discoveries for the Sundalfolk who are brave enough to venture into them.


Their aesthetic is “fantasy frontier western,” with an emphasis on bright whites and primary colors set off by dark leather aprons and toolbelts.

Tomarran Clans

“Honor to the Old Ways, balance for the new.”


The Tomarran Steppe is a land of extremes, its savannas and deserts beset by hostile elementals and blessed with lush oases. The Clans who live there roam the Steppe in great caravans and build shining cities and towns around the scattered water sources. The Tomarrans are a resilient folk made up of healers, warriors, seers, hunters, and merchants, working together alongside their beloved animal companions to weave a brighter future while still remaining true to the ways of their ancestors.


Their aesthetic is “Scythian nomad, but fantasy,” with dark green, black, brown, and tan tones in stark contrast with bright yellows, greens, and whites.

Vauldan Empire

“Fiat Lux Aeternum

May our light shine forever.”


The Vauldan Empire covers the Amethran Plain, an enormous stretch of arid but fertile fields and forests which occupies the south-central portion of the Continent and is dotted by imperial monuments built in ages past. The Vauldans are a stoic and orderly people, soldiers, architects, enchanters, scholars, and merchants who are always seeking to advance their ambitions through honorable means. They are dedicated to using knowledge, cunning, and hard work to build their Empire back up into its former glory, without resorting to their ancestors’ bloody imperial path of conquest.


Their aesthetic is late Roman or Byzantine, with angular, Art Deco-inspired motifs and accessories, and a color palette consisting of white, purple, blue, and black, highlighted by gold and silver.