Legends Tell

The World

The Old Gods

Demonic Creators

The Old Gods created the world and the mortal folk who populated it, treating them as toys in grand war games and imperial plots.

The Godswar

Then the Old Gods’ play-conflicts became too heated, and God fought God directly. The world was blighted by terrible curses, and the Old Gods bled from wounds inflicted by their siblings.

Banished Beyond The Veil

During the final years of the Godswar, five heroes tore down the wounded Old Gods, ripping the heart of their divinity from them. The five ascended to become the True Gods, and banished the Old Gods beyond the Veil, locking them within the five Hells.

Churnings And Invasion

The Old Gods were not defeated forever, though. Every few centuries they send their minions out into the world, seeking to retake it and open the doors to their prisons. These periods of chaos and invasion are known as Churnings.


A Realm Outside Of Reality

To combat the Old Gods’ cultists and demonic minions during the Churnings, the True Gods granted the mortal people of the Continent a gift: Veilguard, a space carved out of the Veil between worlds, where heroes might meet, trade, strategize, and strike back against the Old Gods’ forces.

Crossroads Of Destiny

The Gates to Veilguard open across the Continent during a Churning, allowing folk from every nation to journey to the demiplane. It becomes a grand crossroads, with folk of every culture and people meeting, trading, and working together to keep the Old Gods’ armies at bay.

A Weapon Against The Apocalypse

Veilguard offers two great weapons against the Old Gods: It is warded against death, allowing mortals within it to return to life after they perish. It also holds the Godscore Gate, which allows mortals within Veilguard to travel to any location on the Continent. Veilwalkers can strike anywhere, hitting the cultists’ weakest points and solving problems that would be impossible for any other force on the Continent, and with Veilguard’s boon against death they can do so without fear of dying in the process.


Chosen By Fate

Nobody knows exactly what it is that marks someone as a Veilwalker, and thus able to pass through the Gates into Veilguard. Most believe that it’s some conflux of Fate and personality, some sort of hidden potential that can only be uncovered during the chaos of a Churning. At the start of a Churning Veilwalkers are nobody important, but by the end they will have carved their names and legends into the tales of their nations.

Representing Their People

Each Veilwalker is a representative of their nation, sent through the Gates with their peoples’ blessings, gifts, and guidance so that they might fight against the Old Gods’ forces most effectively. They each seek to further their nation’s interests, guarding against disaster and invasion so that their people might survive and prosper.

Fighting For Their Future

Veilwalkers are the heroes of the Churning, granted by Fate the power to strike in pivotal ways against the Old Gods’ invasion and to bring all the mortal peoples of the Continent together as one against the existential threat. Whether warriors or mages, merchants or crafters, diplomats or assassins, every Veilwalker has the seed of greatness within them, and they use the power they have been granted to ensure that their people, their future, will survive the Old Gods’ onslaught.